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A developer has proposed to tear down the existing rental housing at 1509-1533 Harwood St. and replace it with a tall thin new building consisting of 5 super high-end luxury condos. The address will be to changed to 1289 Nicola St.

The impact of this development on 1279 Nicola and all buildings surrounding the proposed development will be severe. The proposed building will be above current height restrictions, will encroach closer to sidewalk than current bylaws allow and will have a higher building density than current bylaws allow.

This site provides information that the city has not clearly provided to members of the neighbourhood and community. Below you'll also find ways that you can act to ensure that developers aren't allowed to negatively impact our community for the sake of 5 new units.

Your feedback is still helpful! See below for what you can do.

Full details of the proposed development can be found on the city website under Development Application for 1289 Nicola.

Since the sign has few details and the city website is very confusingly worded, here are some highlights of the development:
  • 6 floor in height (2 floors higher than 1279 Nicola).
  • 5 Luxury 3 BR apartments. One per floor.
  • This is a strata building. Not a rental building.
  • 10 underground parking spots.
  • The building will take up essentially the entire current lot.
More detail is available on the City of Vancouver website Development Application for 1289 Nicola

Several features of the proposed development will directly impact the livability, enjoyment, and value of the property around the development:

Proximity to 1279 Nicola

The majority of suites in 1279 Nicola face south. The proposed building will not only block views but also completely block the light falling on many of suites.

Relaxation of Height Restriction

The Developer is asking to go above the existing city bylaw height restrictions by a full two floors. It makes not sense to put such a big building on a such a small lot.

Increased Urban Desnity

With new super towers all around us, does the West End need even more urban density? We love our quiet neighbourhood and don't want it to turn into Yaletown!

Luxury Condos in the West End?

The negative impact of this development impacts neighbourhood significantly for only 5 units. Why not insist on more practical units for West End residents including rental and low income housing? Currently the house is a rental property, where will these people go?

What's The Rush?

Its pretty clear that this development is being rammed through in order to get it in front of the Director of Planning before the upcoming city election. Despite the fact that the application has been at the city since early 2018, the public consultation period is only 2 weeks. This means you need to act now!

Act Now!

Your feedback can help make a difference and keep the West End the way you'd like to see it. See below for how you can make your voice heard.

Impact to Surrounding Buildings

Impact to the Light and Views from 1279 Nicola